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    Greetings, hello hello — you can call me Anmary Jacobs author/editor on Pet Addicts and the Animal Group blog, I’m so honored to have you as visitor on my animal photography service blog.


    This business is really meaningful to me, and I hope to share some of that passion with all the guests here. I am so pleased and elated to show off my brand-new project and the beginning of a new phase! My project is uncommonly beloved to me and even if it could seem as a brand-new project to you guys, I’ve in fact been running a photography site since I lived with my first partner and before I actually went to college. So essentially, I'm a veteran? This webpage at first began being called ‘Do you like my bunny pics?’ where I published silly rants about awfully taken pet pics, my most admired animal images and wrote down tips and manuals how to shoot excellent animal photos, photocamera options and a lot more stuff.


    Despite my project having adopted a new makeover with the animal photography service that I nowadays offer, I still care a bunch about new cams and taking all sorts of photos, handing out objective tips and being polite to all living creatures and our planet!


    You'll see me utilizing this webblog to communicate with you about the incredible animal pictures I spotted on the internet and I will also be publishing articles on some of my perspectives relevant to brilliant animal pictures. My blog is an excellent platform for folks to get to learn about me or contact me, and I’m thrilled to getting to know you too.

    OK, enough about my personal life, give me one minute and let me sketch the outlines of my pet photography philosophy.


    A beautiful animal pic captures the pet as they simply are. You want something of their spirit to come through. If they are a playful, hysterical goat, that’s what one wants to see in the photos. If they’re a sleepy, majestic feline who rules the apartment like their own exclusive ground, then that’s what you need to capture.


    Wonderful pet pics benefit from being natural. Fake, professional sessions can work, but I think they regularly end up looking pretty odd. What dog runs around in a perfect white place? My two would be more presumable to have tracked greasy foot prints all over the carpet and stairs. If you’ve got a dog or a horse or other outdoor animal, photograph it outdoors (not in an indoor studio). If you’ve an indoor cat, hamster, gecko or something else, capture it in its beloved place, where the pet in fact is not stressed or confused. It's that simple!


    For now, thanks for reading — let me know your opinion of this brand-new web-address!? What hints do you have for me?! How do you relate to the photography service I offer on this domain? You'll see me returning here frequently with brand-new photos of recent gigs and with responses to feedback I received from visitors. You 'll hear from me next time!

  • Realistic, Happy & Timeless

    My work will channel happiness and authenticity - enjoy your animal's happy face FOREVER


    You may expect full transparency, top-quality professional photography equipment and editing software


    My package deals which cover all needs, from traveling to editing start at $39!


    I will travel to said destination with all my equipment and upload/display all photos in an online gallery afterwards


    Silly, colorfully dressed pooch with green grass background (Source)

    Black and white cat with shame on its face in the living room with wooden floor background (Source)

    Running brown horse, green grass, blue sky with clear white clouds filling up the background, photographed from a low angle (Source)

    Shot from a low angle, sunlight shining through the window, one cat on the foreground one in the back - both looking into the camera (Source)

    "Dolled up" Yorkshire pooch with a colorful bow tie in her hair slightly looking to her left (Source)

    "Guilty" husky looking away from the camera, shot at eye-height (Source)

    Chocolate lab with a guilty look on her face, camera up close infront of the pooch (Source)

    Wide-eyed cat caught red-handed destroying colorful flowers in the living room (Source)

    Jack russel pup infront of a (blue) green screen looking slightly confused because of the banana peel on his head (Source)

    Content little puppy laying in the grass with its belly in the air looking at the photographer (Source)

    Black cat laying comfortably on red, triped pillow looking straight into the camera (Source)

    Happy shiba looking over his shoulder with a smile on its face, water, green trees and blue sky in the background (Source)

    One pooch looking away from the camera the other staring right into it - colorful blankets (Source)

    Plenty of color, panda cub clearly has an expression on its face (Source)

    Frenchie, pic captured from up top, colors blend well together (Source)

    Corgi pup dressed up sitting down, totally content, green leaves in the background (Source)

    Happy pooch, running, jumping on green grass, background blurry (Source)

    German Shepherd with his paw in the air, background blurred, camera slightly zoomed in on face (Source)